The Russell School

  • Welcome to Reception

    Summer 2021                                                                                 


    • Miss Bennell  - Teacher
    • Mrs Cooper - Teaching Assistant


      • PE lessons take place on Wednesdays
      • Water bottle and book bags to be brought in and returned every day.
      • Reading books are changed on Tuesdays and due back on Fridays.
      • Everyday opportunities for outdoor learning in EYFS but have a regular time to visit the Outdoor classroom on the school field.
      Summer hat (clearly labelled) to be bought in everyday and sun cream applied at home prior to coming to school each day (weather depending)


    Encourage your child to develop independence in self-care, dressing and practical organisational skills.

    • Complete ‘Maths Challenges’
    • Learn the letter names and sounds of letters using flashcards
    • Hear your child read aloud on a regular basis
    • Encourage your child to make their own decisions in practical situations
    • Set practical tasks to enable your child to apply their learning to new contexts

    Curriculum Overview

    This term we will be focusing on the topic of ‘Animals’. Over the course of the next few weeks the children will focus on zoo animals, ocean animals, mini-beasts, pets and many more. This is a lovely topic as it enables the children to not only talk from their own experiences of having a pet and how to look after it but also learn about how animals, like themselves, change over time and what they need in order to grow and keep healthy. We will be thinking about different animals around the world; identifying the countries they come from and finding them on the map, discussing what they look like, their diets, their habitats and comparing these to where we live.

    We will be using ‘core texts’ as a starting point to each weekly focus and these will include; The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen, Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, Tiddler by Julia Donaldson and Giraffe’s can’t Dance by Giles Andreae.  We will also be looking at the changes in the seasons and weather and talk about the importance of keeping safe in the sun.

  • Several festivals and special events also feature during the Summer term and therefore we will be spending time covering these celebrations – e.g. Ramadan, St George's Day, Eid al Fitr.

    In Literacy this term the children will be sharing non-fiction and fiction texts about animals. We will be focusing on our writing; looking at letter formation, leaving finger spaces between words and writing sentences using simple punctuation. We will be modelling using connectives, for example, and, next, but, so, to connect our phrases together when writing and exploring simple sentence starters. We will be continuing to use our phonic knowledge and apply this when we are writing.

    In Maths the focus will be on numbers to 20; providing children with regular opportunities to subitise (recognising small quantities without having to count) counting, comparing and ordering quantities, representing numbers in different ways and using the strategies of counting on and back to solve addition and subtraction problems. We will also be introducing the concepts of doubling and sharing items equally in practical contexts. The children will continue to explore and develop the understanding that all numbers are made up of smaller numbers.             


  • Welcome to Reception Parent Meeting  /docs/Reception_Parent_meeting_2020.pptx
  • 8:45                Staff open the Early Years gate and children enter the setting

    8:55                Registration and ‘Busy Fingers’  

    9:20 - 9:25     Action time – Wake and Shake    

    9:25 - 10:05   Adult-led activity / small group time           

    10:05 - 11:20  Child Initiated Learning / snack time    

    11:20 - 11:50   Adult-led activity / small group time     

    11:50 - 12:00  Get ready for lunch / personal hygiene / story

    12:00 - 1:00   Lunch  

    1:00 - 1:05     Registration

    1:05 - 1:25     Reading activities  

    1:25 - 2:05     Adult-led activity / small group time  

    2:05 - 2:45    Child Initiated Learning

    2:45 - 3:05    Storytime

    3:05 - 3:10    Hometime / songs and rhymes  

    Long Term Plan 













    Belonging; birthdays; Harvest
    Celebrations: Diwali; Hanukah; bonfire night; Christmas; nativity Natural world; changes in seasons
    Easter/Lent; happy/sad tiems in lives; planting & growth - caring for living things Special places; people who help us in our lives