The Russell School

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Spring term (I) 2020


  • Mrs Davis - Teacher

  • Miss Roumier - Teaching Assistant


  • PE lessons take place on Thursdays
  • Library sessions are on on Fridays


Chinese New Year inspiration morning (Friday 24th January)

Curriculum overview

Our first topic in Nursery this term is “Frozen!” We will begin the term learning all about the changing seasons, focussing mainly on winter and how our environment has changed since starting Nursery in the autumn. This will help the children develop a good understanding of how the world around them is constantly changing and the signs of the different seasons throughout the year.

We will then move onto learning more about snow and ice, and how this is created. Using a mixture of stories, information books and exciting experiments, the children will start to discover what happens to water when it is frozen and ice melts.  Over the weeks following this the children will be exploring the polar regions on adventures with polar bears and penguins in their frozen habitats. We will be reading stories such as 'Polar bear, Polar bear, What Can You Hear?' and 'Lost and Found', to introduce children to these far away creatures and to a magical frozen kingdom far beyond what they know! Over the coming weeks the children will be taking part in mark-making in glittery snow, experimenting with painting on ice and making their own snow cloud playdough to use in school.

The children have adjusted to their new environment very well. We will still be spending time reinforcing the expectations and boundaries set by the Early Years staff, the daily routine and how to use the equipment in each different area around the learning environment safely and effectively. We will also continue spending time developing integral personal, social and emotional skills such as sharing, taking turns and dealing with issues in an appropriate manner.

Continuing with Phase 1 of the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme of work, the children will be learning all about rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, voice sounds and starting to orally blend and segment. This will involve lots of nursery rhymes, songs, musical instruments and games to continue developing their listening skills, as this is an integral part of phonics and learning to read and write. During their maths lessons the children will be consolidating their knowledge of the numbers 1-5, including number recognition, number formation, counting objects and partitioning small groups of objects. We will then be moving on to focussing on the numbers 6-10 for the rest of the half term.

During this half term there are also 2 celebrations that take place which the children will be spending a morning being fully immersed in. On Friday 24th January we will be learning all about Chinese New Year which takes place the following day. We will be celebrating this day with an “Inspiration morning” with activities focussed all around the celebration. Activities will include trying different Chinese foods, making traditional gifts, learning the story of Chinese New Year and mark making in glitters. We will also be having a similar morning on Friday 14th February for Valentine’s day where we will be reading the book “Guess How Much I Love You” to support children’s understanding.

There has now been a change to the milk and fruit routine. Children no longer have an allocated 'snack time' sitting together on the carpet, but are now being asked to access their own snack throughout the morning at the 'Snack Café'. This will encourage children to become more independent and self-aware and gives them a sense of responsibility. Snack time is still monitored to make sure hands are washed and all children have their milk and fruit throughout the morning.


The Nursery morning

8:45             Nursery staff will open the Early Years gate and children will enter the setting

8:55             Registration and ‘Busy Fingers’ 

9:25-9:45     Adult led activity / Small group time   

9:15-9:25     Meet & Greet (Days of the week/wake and shake)

9:45-11:15   Child Initiated Learning (CIL) indoors and outdoors & 'Snack Café'

11:15-11:25  Tidy up time

11:25-11:45  Adult led activity/Small group time

11:45-12:00  Prepare for home/songs/story


Long term plan 













Belonging; birthdays
Celebrations: Diwali; Bonfire Night; Christmas; Nativity Natural world; changes in seasons; ceremonies for belonging; Christenings
Changes in the natural world; planting & growth - caring for living things People who help us
Religious people who help us