The Russell School

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Summer term 2018

Nursery staff

  •  Mrs Field - Teacher

  • Mrs Kennealy - Nursery Nurse

Curriculum overview

Welcome to Nursery. We look forward to continuing working with you and your child for the rest of this academic year.

Nursery is part of The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). In Nursery and Reception we use the 'Development Matters' document. This document lays out 4 themes, the characteristics of effective learning and 7 areas of learning.


 Natural world

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be focusing on settling into life in nursery and learning the routines. We will be encouraging the children to explore the setting, accessing the resources and tidying them.

Physical Development

The children will be playing a range of traditional games. We also focus on the bathroom routines, supporting children as necessary.  

Communication and Language

We will be developing vocabulary related to family, friends and where the children live, and encouraging the children to talk about any experiences they would like to share. We will be thinking about listening skills, particularly very carefully listening to instructions. On Fridays we have 'Show and Tell' where we encourage their speaking, listening and questioning skills.


The children will be encouraged to join in with traditional rhymes and songs. We will focus on stories which rhyme or have repeated refrains.


We will be developing our understanding of sorting, matching, pattern and basic 2D shapes. We will take time to practice our counting skills and number recognition by singing number rhymes.

Understanding the World

People who help us; religious people who help us

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be painting, making junk models, using collage materials and developing our role play.

  • Mondays - we will continue to enjoy accessing the ICT suite where the children are able to access a range of programmes.

  • Thursdays - we visit the hall for PE.

  • Fridays - we will continue to enjoy Show and Tell; children are invited to bring in one named item every other week to share with their friends.

    Celebrations - Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Fireworks night, Hannukah, Harvest, Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, Easter, St George's Day

    Throughout Early Years we enjoy getting to know your child as a unique individual, finding out how they learn, as they explore the setting and develop their confidence in nursery environment.

Long term plan 2017-2018













Belonging; birthdays
Celebrations: Diwali; Bonfire Night; Christmas; Nativity Natural world; changes in seasons; ceremonies for belonging; Christenings
Changes in the natural world; planting & growth - caring for living things People who help us
Religious people who help us