The Russell School

Aim High, Have Courage, Be Kind

Code of Conduct

At the Russell School we believe that:

  • It is the right of everyone, both adult and child, to feel valued, to be happy and safe and to be treated with respect.

  • It is the responsibility of everyone, both adult and child, to consider the needs of others, to behave appropriately at all times and to respect property. 

  • We expect our children to be kind and caring to one another, and, as they progress through the school, model a good example for younger children in school with consideration and regard for each other. 
Our Code of Conduct was agreed after consultation with children and staff and is displayed in all classrooms and prominent places around the school. 

 The Russell School Code of Conduct  

Be helpful and considerate to everyone in school

Be respectful and call people by their correct names

Always move around the school sensibly and safely

Play only safe games

Look after the school and its grounds

Take care of your possessions and those belonging to others