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E Safety for Parents

Children at The Russell School use the Internet on a regular basis to support learning across the curriculum

To enable the children to develop their understanding of the dangers that can be hidden in cyber space, the school focusses on E-Safety throughout the Computing and PSHE curriculums.

The teaching of E Safety is used to educate the children on the importance of keeping themselves safe when online whether that be on a computer, laptop, tablet, phone or games console.


Please click here to access the presentation from the E Safety meeting for parents which was held in May 2016. 

The links below contain useful information to promote online safety.

E Safety Spring 2017 Bulletin for Parents

Stay Safe!

  • Use internet filtering software such as CyberSentinel, walled gardens and child friendly search engines - Browser controls often offer differing degrees of security for each family member (see the O2 link below for 'how to' video tutorials).
  • Check out what child protection services your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers.
  • Ensure children are using internet compatible devices in communal areas of the house.
  • Tell your children not to give out any personal details. If they want to subscribe to a service (after gaining your permission) make up a family name.
  • Make sure your children only use moderated chat rooms, and ask them to introduce you to their online friends.
  • Encourage your children to tell you if they feel upset or threatened by what they see online.
  • Write a family ‘acceptable use policy’ for working on the computer.
  • Surf together, and be a part of their online life.