The Russell School

Aim High, Have Courage, Be Kind

OUR Staff

Head Teacher, Designated Senior Person (DSP)

Mrs Pitt

Deputy Head, DSP, KS2 Leader

Mr Ryan

School Business Manager

Mrs  Patel

School Secretaries

Mrs Jones (M, T, Th, F)

Mrs Lidster (W)


Mrs Warminger 

Year 6 Teachers

Year 6 Support Teacher

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Coppinger, Mr Ryan

Mrs Sandoe 

Mrs Danskin

Year 5 Teachers

Year 5 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Wynne (M, T), Mrs Conner (W, Th, F)

Mrs Hobbs, Miss Brown, Mrs Emms

Year 4  Teacher 

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Ms Pater  

Mrs Hobbs

Year 3 Teacher (DSP)

Year 3 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Southworth

Mrs Emms, Miss Brown

Year 2 Teacher (KS1 Leader)

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss Hobbs 

Mrs Kennealy 

Year 1 Teacher

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Robson

Miss Laxton

Reception Teacher 


Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss Bruce (Mrs Bennell, EYFS Leader currently on maternity leave)

Mrs Cooper

Nursery Teacher

Nursery Nurse

Ms Baker

Ms Roumier 

PPA Teaching Assistant

Miss Randall

Site Manager

Mr Bailey

Lunchtime Support

Mr Griffin

Music Teacher

Mrs Deeley

Art Therapist

Mrs Duncan 

Clubs Co-ordinator

Miss Brown