The Russell School

Aim High, Have Courage, Be Kind


All governors are appointed or elected for a 4-year term. There is no restriction on the number of times a governor may re-stand for appointment or election but parent governors must have a child registered at the school at the start of their term of office. All governors, once appointed, share responsibilities, work as a team to achieve the governing body goals and accept collective responsibility for all decisions.

Our governors are all volunteers and give their skills, experience and time for free in order to help and support our school. The full governing body usually meets twice a term. Much of the governing body’s work is done in committees comprised of different governing body members. Individual governors will usually be involved in some of the following activities, usually through working groups or committees:

  • staff appointments & pay
  • the financial management of the school
  • pupil & staff discipline
  • the curriculum
  • policy review
  • special educational needs
  • head teacher performance management
  • premises management