The Russell School

Concerts During Covid

The children love to perform, but unfortunately we are not allowed to invite audiences into school.  So we would like to share with you some class concerts that the children have recorded in their class bubbles socially distanced.

Easter Concert - April 2021

Spring Concert - May 2021

Easter Concert - April 2021


Years 1-4 came back to school after a long winter lock down and with only 3 weeks before we broke up for Easter recorded these songs.

Year 4


Year 3


Year 1 and 2


Spring Concert - May 2021

Year One have recorded 3 fabulous songs.

It Must Be Spring tells us about some of the lovely animals we might discover during spring - birds, flowers, lambs and chicks and what they get up to. The children sang this from memory with a piano accompaniment.


Year one made some fantastic instruments including maracas, guitars and drums  from recycled materials.  In this next song, they demonstrate their instruments and how they play to the beat, going through each set of instruments for each verse and finishing with the whole class playing together as one big band.  Apart from knowing when to play, the hardest thing was singing and playing all at the same time!

Finally, we have all noticed the rain recently, so year one performed a song about how wet it has been from memory with the piano.


Year 2 have recorded 3 fabulous songs

London's Burning was an obvious choice for year 2, as they have been learning about the Great Fire of London at school this term.  In the first verse they sing the traditional words together.  Their 2nd verse was completely written by them, they made up all the words based on what they have learned in class about the fire. 

Wood is burning, Wood is burning

Find the firehooks and leather buckets

Blow up the houses, blow up the houses

Run away, run away!

 Finally the 3rd verse has the children singing a round and holding their own parts brilliantly.


Their next song, Make That Sound, shows off the brilliant instrumental skills of year 2.  Already we have cornet players, cello, violin and recorder players.  In addition many of the children used recycled materials to make their own instruments forming maracas, guitars and drums and captured the beat perfectly whilst playing and singing along to this jazz piece describing the sound of their instruments (shake, pluck, bang, blow, bow and play).

Year 2 were also lucky enough to have the opportunity to try the cello (sanitised of course) and hear its beautiful sound demonstrated by our cello teacher this term.  If your child would like to have cello lessons with Sian click here. Musical Instrument Tuition (Music menu tab)

Year 2's final song was the infamous, We Went to the Animal Fair.  This song is not only challenging due to its fast speed, meaning the words are really quick to fit into the notes, but also year 2 sang this song in 2 parts brilliantly.  The hardest bit was making sure we all stopped at the same time.