The Russell School

Aim High, Have Courage, Be Kind

Teaching and LearninG

  • Teachers provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which develops the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for life long learning.  In the course of their daily work the staff will contribute to the development of our school ethos by: 
  • Providing a calm and effective learning environment at all times, in which each child can achieve his or her maximum potential;
  • Providing meaningful, purposeful tasks, conveyed from the National Curriculum programmes of study and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum;
  • Providing a welcoming environment, in which courtesy, kindness and mutual respect are fostered, and through valuing and celebrating pupils’ success and achievements;
  • Providing positive role models;
  • Providing a range of teaching styles that suit a range of learning preferences;
  • Using creativity to engage and enthuse pupils;
  • Using cross curricular links wherever possible;
  • Providing a positive, fair and disciplined environment, in line with the school’s Behaviour and SEND Policy;
  • Maintaining purposeful and informative planning, that ensures all children are involved in the life of the school;
  • Developing links with the wider community.