The Russell School

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Pupil Progress

At The Russell School we set challenging targets for all pupils at the beginning of each academic year. Pupil progress is monitored on an ongoing basis through formative assessment methods, such as marking, verbal feedback and teacher assessment.  Tests are also completed at the end of each term for reading and mathematics to further inform teacher assessment judgements.

Parents are kept well informed of progress throughout the academic year through informal meetings and regular communication. Parent Conferencing sessions also take place at the end of the Autumn and Spring terms to provide parents and carers with the opportunity to talk through their child’s progress, looks through their books and to ask questions related to their child’s learning.  Children are invited to attend these sessions alongside their parents so that they too are included in the discussions of their progress.

Staff complete a mid point report in March as well as a detailed end of year achievement report.  Parents are also invited to a drop in session with their child’s class teacher if they wish to discuss the end of year report.