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From Year 3 (and some instruments year 2), children are offered the opportunity to receive violin, cello/bass, trumpet/trombone, piano, flute, fife, clarinet, saxophone and drum lessons.   This letter sets out the details and invites applications from parents.
  • Lessons are offered in the instruments mentioned above. Children may only choose one instrument as these lessons take place during the school day.  The specialist teachers will assess your choice and advise you.  Advice can also be given on any other instrument we do not offer in school.
  • Lessons take place in school, during the school day.  Music teachers will endeavour to ensure the pupils do not miss the same class subject each week.
  • The cost, under Hertfordshire County Council's scheme, is £225.50 per term for 11 x 30 minutes individual lessons, £150.70 per term for 11 x 20 minute individual lessons, £90.50 per term for 10 x 30 minute shared lessons, Please ask the school office about group lessons.  Please note that these fees are subject to change for each new academic year.
  • Fees are payable termly and payment is requested via Hertfordshire Music Service who will invoice you directly.  Children who receive free school meals will be able to apply for help with music fees.  Please ask at the school office.
  • Violins and some cellos and trumpets may be available to hire from the school at a cost of £25.00 per term.  The music teachers will advise parents about hiring smaller cellos.  Details of where to hire instruments outside of school can be obtained from the school office.
  • Children need to understand that in opting to receive lessons they are undertaking a commitment which extends beyond the weekly lesson and involves practice at home.
  • Parents also make a commitment to ensure that the children practise at home and they will be given guidance on how they can involve themselves in the continuity of learning by the teachers concerned.
  • Parents need to be aware that the Music Service is a service provided by the Local Authority.  The contract that parents enter into is with the Music Service and not the school.  Under the terms of the contract, at least half a term’s notice is required if you wish to cancel the agreement. Half a term's notice must be given if you are stopping lessons. Failure to give sufficient notice means that parents are liable to pay for the half term.
  • Instruments should be brought into school on the day of the relevant music lesson and pupils should store them in the Instrument Store room on the KS1 corridor.  Pupils must take care of their (and others') instruments as the school cannot be held liable for any damage caused.  Pupils should take their instruments home on the same day and not leave them overnight.
  • Applications are invited by returning the slip attached to a copy of this document (accessed via this link) to the School Office.

       Please visit for further information.