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Spring term 2017                                                                                               

Curriculum information

Year 2 staffing

  • Mrs Warminger - Teacher (Monday, Tuesday and Friday)
  • Mrs Dewhurst - Teacher (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Mrs Bartlett - Teaching Assistant (mornings, except Friday)

Curriculum overview


This term we will be looking at Traditional tales and Fantasy stories, Instructions, Recounts and Humorous Poems. We will be looking deeper into character profiles to increase understanding and building comprehension to appreciate both sides of the story.

Phonics - taught 4 times a week for 20 minutes in phonic phase groups.

Spellings - new spellings will be given out on Tuesdays to be tested the following Tuesday. (New spellings will be tested in a list and previous week’s spellings will be tested as a dictation).

Handwriting - we will be having a focus on handwriting this term, which will be linked with our spelling work. If we feel that your child would benefit from some extra support at home, we will send some work home.

Guided reading - reading is taught 3 times a week for 30 minutes, with each group reading with the teacher or the TA each week.

Home reading books - we will change home reading books on Mondays and Thursdays. The children need to put their reading book and reading record into the blue tray if their book needs changing; otherwise they need to put both book and record into their own tray.

Please can you ensure that your child’s reading book and reading record is in school every day.


  • Multiplication and division facts of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables
    We will start with 2x table and the children will need to know the answers and be able to write the answers quickly.
  • Fractions – recognising, naming and writing fractions of length, shapes and quantities
  • Measurement – comparing and choosing appropriate standard measurements
  • Geometry – comparing, sorting and identifying the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes
  • Statistics – constructing, and interpreting pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and tables


Everyday materials – their characteristics and their uses


Flying inventions (events from beyond living memory, both nationally and globally)


Where I live (use key terms for human geography)


Printing (with fruit and vegetables)

Design & Technology (D&T)

Healthy eating


  • Recognising common uses of information technology beyond school
  • Using technology safely and respectfully


  • Charanga - 'On Bongo Beach' (Glockenspiel)
  • I wanna play in a band

Religious Education (RE)

  • Special Places
  • Easter


Core vocabulary and musical instruments

Physical Education (PE)

  • Dance on Tuesdays
  • Gym on Wednesdays

Please can full PE kits be in school all the time – T-shirts, shorts and plimsolls.
PLEASE can you make sure that all PE kits and uniform are labelled.


Keep the learning positive and enjoyable. Have a go! Always try your best.

If there are problems completing the homework, please let your teacher know.

The Homework Diary MUST be brought into school every day, as we will use this to make any reminders and write in any homework tasks set.

Reading (daily)

Pupils need to read for a short time on a regular basis, both to themselves and to an adult. When sharing the reading with your child be patient and positive to ensure that you both enjoy the text. Encourage your child to:

  • decode unfamiliar words themselves
  • use expression
  • use the punctuation to aid expression and understanding

Also, ask them questions about their reading. Any reading should be recorded in the Homework Diary; parents are encouraged to comment in their child's Diary. On Wednesdays we will check with the children that reading is being completed and recorded appropriately. PLEASE check your child has always got a suitable reader and reads daily.

It is also useful to read books to your children (any age) - modelling expression and asking questions about the book.

English (2 or 3 times/week for 10 minutes)

Spellings will be tested in class; at home you may wish to spend time with your child learning and testing individual spellings.

The children will take home 5-12 spellings to learn each week, including high frequency words and current phonic words (Tuesday). The spelling book MUST be brought into school every Tuesday for the test. The test will be written at the back of the book so you can monitor your child’s progress.


Differentiated multiplication tables with related division facts 2,5,10 to the 12th multiple (some children will begin to learn and be tested on 3x and 4x tables by the end of the year). Tests on Mondays.

Mathletics - 2 or 3 times/week for 10 minutes.

Research projects

Small research projects related to class topic may be set occasionally.

Additional homework

Children may be given different specific tasks to practise or complete with parents related to their particular needs.


As well as the homework described above, parents can also help children achieve their learning targets. Targets will be shared at termly Parent Conferencing sessions.

If you have any questions or worries please come in and talk to us or alternatively arrange an appointment with the office.

Best wishes from the Year 2 team.

 Year 2 long term plan: 2016/2017















Animals including humans

Uses of everyday materials




Living things and their habitat


Understanding what algorithms are and how they are implemented as programs on digital devices

Recognising common uses of IT beyond school . Using technology safely & respectfully

Using technology purposefully to create & organise digital content


Guy Fawkes & Remembrance Day

Intrepid explorers

The seaside


Continents & oceans

Where I live

Interpreting & recognising aerial maps & plans


Games/ Swimming


Dance/ Gym

Dance/ Gym

Team Games/ Swimming

Team Games/ Swimming

Art and Design

Self portraits

Fruit & vegetable printing

Mother Nature Designer


Healthy Eating

Teddy waistcoat

Wind up Mechanisms


Signs and Symbols

Christmas and Gifts

Special Places


Religious Leaders

Questions and Answers



Charanga: Hands, feet & heart; Babushka

Charanga: Glockenspiel Stage 1 'On bongo beach'; I wanna play in a band

Charanga: Zootime; Reflect, rewind and replay



The Rule of Law

Mutual Respect

Individual Liberty

Tolerance of those with other faiths and beliefs

British Values ‘Celebrations’