The Russell School

Aim High, Have Courage, Be Kind


Summer term 2017                                                                                  

Reception staffing

  • Mrs Bennell (Miss Sindall) - Teacher
  • Mrs Cooper - Teaching Assistant

The Reception day

This term the school day will become more structured in order to support the children’s transition into Year 1. Reception will now be attending three assemblies each week with the whole school. The daily timetable will contain longer adult-initiated learning sessions; including:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • phonics
  • guided reading sessions

 These will be along with activities linked to the other areas of learning, including:

  • personal, social and emotional development
  • physical development
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design

The children will still have the opportunity to learn through play as this is a statutory requirement of the EYFS.

After half term, to aid the smooth transition into Year 1, Reception children will be required to come to school and wait in the main playground with the rest of the school. On hearing the bell, children will line up with Mrs Bennell and enter the school building via the Key Stage 1 door.

At the end of the school day the children will be released to you from the double doors by the quad – children will NOT be released until a practitioner calls their name.

Please ensure you stand away from the doors and that younger siblings are clear of the doorway, so the children can leave the corridor and meet their parent safely.   

Weekly Routines

  • Monday - ICT suite; reading
  • Tuesday - Swimming*
  • Wednesday - Physical Education (PE)
  • Friday -  Library; Cooking* (after half term)

    *The children will be split into two groups and swim / cook on alternate weeks during the summer term.


Spring - Planting & Growing

  • changes in the seasons and environment
  • looking at ‘New Life’ and the life cycles of different animals
  • planting a variety of seeds and observing them grow and change over time.

We will also be focusing on traditional stories linked to growing, for example ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘The Enormous Turnip’.


As children have also shown a great interest in this topic, we will plan to cover this before half term. The children will be finding out information about dinosaurs. They will write ‘fascinating facts’ and poems, watch short nature video clips, collage, paint and make models of a variety of dinosaurs. They will make dinosaur dens, dig for dinosaur bones and go on number / shape hunts in the outdoor learning environment. They will begin to explore fossils, dinosaur skeletons and prints. There will be problem-solving activities where children will be required to work in teams, e.g. How many shoes does it take to fill a dinosaur footprint? Which tools are best to use to hatch dinosaurs out of ice eggs? Can they build a den to stop the dinosaur escaping using the resources available? We will also be exploring a range of

ICT resources, for example ‘Talking Postcards’ to record dinosaur facts, taking photographs using digital cameras of any dinosaur clues found in the environment and using ‘Beebot’ (programmable toy) to move between numbered eggs / dinosaurs.

Mini beasts (after half term)

insects and their habitats

creating information booklets

exploring outdoors to find different insects.

They will explore how different insects move and express their creative flare in creating mini beasts using a range of different materials, tools and techniques.


Children will bring home a reading book every Thursday for you to keep at home and share every night over the weekend. The reading book must come back into school on Monday so we can hear your child read. If we feel they are ready for the next book / stage we will change their book ready for Thursday. Any books returned late may not get changed.

Please use your child’s reading record to let us know how your child has got on with reading the book at home. If no comments are made in the reading record we will assume the child has not read and they will bring the same book home.


  • Please do not let your child play with the outside toys or on the grass before school and ensure they dismount scooters at the school gates.

  • We are in need of spare clothes in fairly good condition for the setting; all donations are very much appreciated!