The Russell School

Aim High, Have Courage, Be Kind


On behalf of myself, the staff, governors and pupils, I would like to welcome you to The Russell School.  We are a happy school and continue to nurture a strong sense of partnership between the school and our families.  This collaboration lies at the heart of our pupil’s happiness and success.

Our ethos is built on mutual respect for others, their values and beliefs and we are passionately committed to the individual achievement, personal growth and pursuit of excellence for every child.  At The Russell School, we strive to develop high achieving, confident, articulate young people who develop their academic skills and emotional resilience to face the challenges of the world as life long learners.

The Russell School has at its core the pursuit of the highest standards possible in education. We believe in high aspirations, high motivation and high achievement for all. We will build a community of civic pride and social justice in which all members are equally valued. We are committed to the service of young people and to helping them play their full part in society.

Success is something we readily celebrate, both academic and personal. We know this helps the children develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, which in turn encourages them to continue to do their very best. We hold a wide range of events throughout the year where we invite parents into the school to help us celebrate the achievements of all the children.

We are committed to inclusive education and nurture and are proud of our children's positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning.  As a school we have many strengths and these include our strong emphasis on a Values system that underpins all aspects of   school life.

Our pupils are encouraged to be responsible and thoughtful and play an active part in all aspects of school life. Our School Council gives the children a voice where their thoughts and ideas can be expressed, shared with the rest of the school and put into practice.

We hope this website is a useful introduction to the school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us or, better still, come and see us at work during a school day. The teachers, children and I will be very pleased to welcome you.

With best wishes,

Claire Pitt, Head Teacher

Claire Pitt Head