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FOTR - Thank You Tea 

Children enjoyed having the opportunity to thank the members of the ‘Friends of The Russell’ by holding a tea party on Friday 13th July.  The parents who were able to attend had the chance to listen to our talented musicians perform in a small concert (led by Mrs Deeley) and enjoy the many cakes and treats which were keenly offered to them by the children. 

The Three Peaks Challenge

Several staff completed The Three Peaks Challenge on 30th June to raise funds for the school through sponsorship.  We are delighted that over £3,000 has been raised.  Thank you to everyone who supported and motivated us to finish by donating to this cause.  With this funding, we will be purchasing a coding scheme for the whole school to further enhance the  computing curriculum.  Donations will also be allocated to resource a teaching room for intervention for all abilities, including sensory resources for children with special educational needs.  A tough challenge, but nonetheless very worthwhile! 

‘Friends of The Russell’

The Parents’ Association has recently rebranded to reflect the wider range of people that support the school through fundraising activities. Children were tasked with the challenge of designing a colourful new logo for ‘Friends of The Russell’ (FOTR).  All of the entries were thoughtful and creative and it was a difficult process to shortlist the winning design. Congratulations to Esme in Year 4 whose entry was chosen and will be incorporated into the new logo. We look forward to sharing the new logo with the school community soon. 

Enterprise Fair

Well done to the Year 1 children for making the most profit during our Enterprise Week this year. Each class was given £20 by Mrs Patel to plan and deliver a profit making activity to sell at the Fair. Ideas this year included a photo booth, smoothies, hand made stress balls, glitter jars, ice lollies and cakes.  Children designed posters to advertise their products and attract as many customers as possible! More photos of the Enterprise Fair can be seen in the gallery. 

Outdoor Concert

Congratulations to Christine Deeley and her super orchestra who put on an outstanding performance for parents and children on 5th July.  We are pleased to announce that Christine will continue to teach music across the school, run the school orchestra and lead on musical events over the next academic year.  This has only been made possible through the generous donations made by families through the Forward Fund. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to enable this provision to continue.  

Pimp My Zimmer

Children in Years 5 and 6 have recently participated in an exciting NHS project to reduce the number of falls in local care homes.  Children were presented with the challenge of planning a design to revamp a zimmer frame, with the aim of making it more appealing for the elderly owner to use.

The children who created the winning designs met with residents from the Sunshine Care Home in Chorleywood in June 2018 and transformed their designs into bright and colourful real life creations! Please visit our gallery to see more photos. 

Charity Fund Raising - Safe Passage

Congratulations to Mrs Lesiter for organising such a tremendously successful fundraising activity to support the ‘Safe Passage’ charity, which helps unaccompanied child refugees and vulnerable adults to safety.  After one week of selling coffee and croissants to local commuters, children from The Russell, Chorleywood Primary and Christ Church (as well as the adults involved) raised an amazing £3,425.45! For more information on this charity, please visit

Consortium School Council Meeting

On Wednesday 20th June, the School Council, accompanied by Mrs Sandoe and Mrs Hobbs, attended a Consortium School Council meeting at Watersmeet.  School Councils from many local schools came together to share projects that have been going on in their own school.  We shared information about our ‘Pimp My Zimmer’ project which was much admired by the other attendees.  The children also had the chance to interview real life councillors from Three Rivers and they questioned them about issues that concerned them, such as litter, recycling and planting trees. 

 The Russell School councillors really enjoyed the event and they represented the school so well.  Their behaviour and attitude was impeccable and Mrs Sandoe was very proud of them all!   Well done everyone!

 The Children of The Russell School participate in many and varied opportunities to represent their school.  Some of these are listed below:

  • Young Voices at The O2 - Choir
  • Royal Albert Hall – Choir
  • Local Consortium Music Festival - Orchestra and Choirs
  • Local dance festivals
  • Christmas Carols at Chorleywood Village Night - Choir and Brass Band
  • Carol Singing at local Care Home 
  • Easter Concert - School Orchestra, Choir and Instrumentalists 
  • School Councillors working with representatives from other local primary schools on the theme of Democracy. 
  • 'Pimp My Zimmer' - participation in a project to decrease the number of falls in care homes (coming soon)

The school also participates in many sporting festivals, including:

  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Hockey
  • Tag Rugby
  • Kwik Cricket
  • Football
  • Y5 Fun Run