The Russell School

Aim High, Have Courage, Be Kind

OUR History

Over fifty years ago, at the end of the second world war, one of the most overcrowded parts of Buckinghamshire for primary children was the part east of Amersham, bordering Hertfordshire, where there had been a great deal of new building around the Chorleywood and Little Chalfont area. At the time, the only school, which could provide for them at all, was a very small village school at Chenies.

There was also a great shortage of places on the Hertfordshire side of Chorleywood, and Amersham itself had an increasing school population, no secondary modern Schools and two old Church schools, which had to provide for all the younger children.

It was decided before the end of the forties, with Hertfordshire, that the best place to build a new school to provide for children in Little Chalfont and Chorleywood was in the Buckinghamshire part of Chorleywood, where many of the new houses were. Consequently, the present, beautifully situated school site was chosen and reserved.

The school was officially opened on 1st July 1953.  Because of the long association of the area with the Dukes of Bedford, the school was happily named the Russell County Primary School.

Over the years a total of twelve Head teachers have taken the helm, each one contributing to and maintaining the excellent reputation the school has maintained throughout the last fifty years.

Today, following the addition of the Nursery in 1998, the school caters for pupils from 4 - 11 and is now, once again, known simply as "The Russell School".