The Russell School

Aim High, Have Courage, Be Kind

VALUES and Ethos

At The Russell School we are proud of our children's positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning. Our staff encourage creativity and build on individual strengths to ensure that all children make outstanding progress and flourish to their full potential.

Innovative and reflective teaching provides inspiration and challenge for all children. A strong ethos of happiness and well - being underpins the curriculum and creates a safe and secure learning environment, grounded in supportive structures and relationships. This enables our pupils to develop confidence in their own capacity to face the challenges of the wider world and to become life long learners.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional behaviour and high achievement of all our pupils and we value the strong links we have with our families and local community. We facilitate the children's development into responsible citizens and instill a secure understanding of British Values. We also place a strong emphasis on teaching children the importance of looking after our world.